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School Dance DJs

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To get a taste of our music selection, you can download our 5 demo DJ mixes in genres including: Wedding Hits, Top 40, Retro, Old School, and House: DOWNLOAD DEMO MIXES HERE

Step up to New School Entertainment! Hire a Colorado school dance DJ for your Prom, Homecoming, Sadie Hawkens or spring dance this year with the performance skills and track selection necessary to really connect to younger crowds. Not only will the sound, lighting and video equipment be top of the line, but our talented school dance DJs will rock the party! The track selection will always be clean and appropriate but the beats will be mixed and mashed up to take the experience to a higher level. We are the Denver DJ, Boulder DJ and Colorado school dance DJ service you have been waiting for. We work with schools on every budget and size, with packages ranging from our Ultimate Package, which includes a full on concert style system with brilliant LED lights to our Basic Package which includes all the sound needed for a medium sized school dance on a budget. No matter what equipment package and budget your school has, what matters most is that if you book Discosapien school dance DJs the talent level will be on point. We also insure that the music content being played at each of our school dance DJ events is clean and appropriate for the school environment while still being high energy and modern. We only hire the best DJs with nightclub experience so they bring a high energy experience to every event. We will take care of all the announcements, itinerary planning and activities throughout the night as well so give us a call or email today to discuss your upcoming school dance DJ!